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Monday, May 4, 2009

Detach, Detach, Detach

If you want to fix your marriage from a midlife crisis, go back no further than one of your high school relationships. Or go back to a relationship that was made of emotion in your 20s. Why? Because, it is possible you have been in this situation before. Do you remember breaking up as a kid? It hurts, you go out paint the town red and so does you ex...Eventually human nature is such that you miss that person and you call back all crying. Now things might not be that different. Except you have kids and you live with your midlife spouse.

So as much as your mid life spouse "can't love you" right now, you have got to remember back to when you had an obsessive ex when you were a kid and how much that drove you nuts. DETACH. Meaning, get a life and move on the best you can. Obsessing over a spouse of 20 years or 20 days is a waste of time.

During your detach program, however, you need to focus on yourself and your children. Take your kids to a ball game, take your kids for a walk in the park, walk in the woods, eat better, stop drinking (Can be depressing), go wall climbing, build something, fix a car, clean your car, ge a haircut, read a book, have a coffee, play sports, sign up for sports that you have not played in a while. Do you get the point, LEAVE YOUR MIDLIFE SPOUSE ALONE....Detach....

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